Featured Read Friday: Reaper’s Legacy

This entry’s music anthem: Get On- Steve Smyth

Woohoo, Friyay!  We did it, we made it!  (I’ll be honest. I barely made it.  But I bribed myself with wine and this book, so I rallied).

So, another week of surviving under our belts. How to celebrate?  I’ll tell you how. With a good book. And, like I said on Instagram, I’ve been feeling extra sassy this week.  When I’m feeling sassy, I usually need a little edge to suit my mood. Enter Reaper’s Legacy,the second book in the Reapers Motorcycle Club, by Joanna Wylde.

What to expect from this book:  cursing,steamy sex scenes that just toe the line of being devious (in the hottest sense of course), times when you want to throttle the hero over the head with a beer bottle, a pretty real look into the life of MCs, great scene building, loveable, memorable characters, and a new series to binge. Sound good?  Then read on…

Little background:  Sophie, our heroine, gives her cherry to her boyfriend, Zach, her senior year of high school.  As with everyone’s first time in high school, it sucks, but results in the awesomeness of her son Noah.  It sucks because her dude is a teenager who doesn’t know what he’s doing, but also because during the deed, our hero Ruger, walks in on Sophie & Zach.   And here’s the real kicker: Ruger, a member of the Reapers MC, is Zach’s hot older brother.  WHAT?!

As time goes on,  Zach turns out to be a deadbeat dad, Ruger steps in, and the sexual tension between him and Sophie is apparent from the start.  However, at first because of her age, then later not to confuse Noah, Ruger never makes a move, and neither does Sophie (I mean to be fair she is pregnant and then a teen mom so she’s kind of busy).  So, the sexual tension just becomes tension giving us that good love/hate vibe.

As you read on, you learn that Ruger, is your typical, “but babe, I can’t keep this dick in my pants, it wouldn’t be fair to the female population,” mixed with a little, “I’m an alpha motorcycle club member. I do what I want and you shouldn’t question it,” idiot male.  Ugh.  So who better to fix that mess of a hot sexy man than Sophie, our heroine, who knows she’s the shit, and is a “one and done,” kind of lady.  The back and forth between the two, as they try to find a resolution for the ever increasing sexual tension between them, is addicting.  Will he get over himself? Will she give in? WILL THEY JUST DO IT ALREADY?  Who knows? So much angst. (Oh and did I mention his piercings?  He has multiple… some in, intriguing places… oh ya.)

Along with our heroine and hero, Joanna, being the intelligent story teller she is, throws in a couple curve balls (one including a rival MC with a VERY HOT member that you’re dying to get to know better), fun gal pals with the right amount of crazy, & other supporting hunks to keep you hooked.  She’s good this one.

“But really? Another MC series?” you say, disdain in your voice. “You fool!” I yell, in my best Gandolf voice.

Just kidding. Kind of. Not really.  Just. Don’t. Shhhhh.

Miss Wylde may be wild (see what I did there?), but she ain’t cray.  She did her research. In her Author’s Note, she talks about how thorough she was learning about MC’s, to the point of having this book, “reviewed and corrected by a woman attached to an outlaw MC,” (author’s note, Reaper’s Legacy). Did I mention JW was a journalist previous to writing kickass books?  She knows what’s up.

JW writes characters so perfectly flawed, so easy to imagine, that they could step right off the page.  And, if Ruger stepped off into my living room, I wouldn’t say, “nay.” I’m actually pretty sure I’ve met Ruger before, he was just in frat boy wear.  I’d have prefered him in the MC gear, but what can ya do?

So, that being said, go pour yourself a glass of wine, grab a beer, or mix up a cocktail (whatever your poison), or if you prefer to eat your calories do that too. Whatever it is, indulge, you earned it. Then, curl up in your favorite reading spot, put your phone on silent, & get reading.  Oh, and just try not to imagine that piercing in real life.  I bet you $5 you’ll be thinking about it for weeks to come.

Later Gators.

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